Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Less-than-Voluntary Exclusion

The Self-Exclusion blog has made a point of detailing exclusion orders, particularly in Singapore, that are not fully voluntary. A recent report (71-page pdf here) on self exclusion from casinos in British Columbia notes (page 14) that people who administer the program do not see all participants as being uncoerced: "...not all clients signed up completely voluntarily as some were pressured by family or friends, while others signed up because they needed to show someone else (e.g. the bank, a judge) that they were doing something to address their gambling problem." The coerced excluders also were viewed as being the most likely to try to violate their exclusion order.

The April, 2011 report with this information was prepared for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation by the BC Centre for Social Responsibility. The report provides both a fine review of previous work on gambling self-exclusion and a new longitudinal analysis on the British Columbia program; I hope to draw on this source for some more posts soon.

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