Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's Going On Here?

This blog concerns self-exclusion -- so at least it is appropriately named. The term derives from the option provided by many gambling locales for people to voluntarily commit to not gambling at those locales. The concept is broader, however, and this blog is interested in self-commitment devices (especially those employed for self-denial) more generally.

The fourteen posts that precede this one were imported to Self-Exclusion from my old blog, Vice Squad. From here on, though, it is all exciting and new. Or at least new.

Here's a working paper that provides some background. Here's an even more fun (or at least shorter) background article (6-page pdf).

Why this blog? Ironically, it is intended to serve as a sort of commitment device to track self-exclusion. We'll see how well this particular commitment device pans out...

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